30 November 2010

Luke Schenn is 10 kinds of pissed off

And really, he should be. He might not be the captain, but he sure had a lot of captainly comments to make after the Leafs were shut out by the Sens (THE SENS PEOPLE. WHO LOST 4-1 TO THE OILERS LAST NIGHT), which was the 5th time they were shut out in ~20 games. Here are LukeSmash's quotes:
“You can say all you want about getting shots. I think guys are playing real soft in their end and in front of the net; guys aren’t competing, getting to the hard areas. It’s pretty easy for their D-men to box our forwards out, we’re just not battling hard enough.

“Have a little will and take pride in getting to the net and take pride in scoring goals,” he said. “Goals don’t come free in this league and from the perimeter. Guys gotta be a little more hungrier.

“You can’t just blame the forwards. I think the defense could probably do a better job of getting shots through, but up front we’ve gotta have a little bit of determination to get to the front of the net and bear down and score some goals."
Why this guy isn't captain yet is beyond me. 

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