26 July 2012

Tim Thomas Tirade

First post in a while. Have to say something about Tim Thomas. And really, who doesn't? But I had more than 140 characters.

YES, TT30 said he intended to sit out the 12-13 season.
YES, new year's has passed on the 12-13 season, making TT a non-contracted athlete. An individual, if you will.

HOWEVER, (Tim, I'm talking to you here) do you really feel it's your duty, as a person in a position of influence, to say in a public forum that you totally agree with a hotly-debated issue? Particularly that you agree with the side that's trying to be overturned. A side which the mayor of your former team publicly stood against, and ejected from the city.

Think what you want to think. Support what you want to support. But know your fucking role.

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