11 October 2007

ATL-BUF Preview

Wow, we feel like we JUST recapped last night's games... Oh wait. We did! Well then. Gotta love back-to-backs, huh?

Right so we were tooling around on the internet looking for game day previews by other authors, and the only one we could actually find was the one the NHL/AP put out. Nothing on any Sabres blogs, which is what we were looking for. So our own personal insight will have to suffice for this one.

It's the battle of the *east Division Champions tonight. Both of whom have awesomely bad records at this point, compared to last season. Oh, interesting stat of note: Last season, the Thrash put up 239 goals. This season they're on pace for ..........wait for it........ 109. Awesome, right?

Anyway, both teams are playing pretty bad. This will either be a barn burner or one you wish you'd just caught the highlights for. In our completely unprofessional opinion, based on nothing more than gut instinct, we're going to give the win to the Thrash in OT.

Can we go 2 for 2?

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