10 October 2007

ATL v OTT Preview

Right, so, here's our preview: The Thrash are going to get their asses handed to them.

Considering that's probably the most (succinct, yet) pathetic review ever written, let's delve a little further, shall we?

Ottawa: 4-0-0, has an entire line of scorers, at least one pugilist, the top shot blocker in the NHL, a fairly hot goalie who's been questionable against the Thrashers in the past, but an above average defencive corps.

Thrashers: 0-2-0, Hoss is out with an injury... IS there someone on the team who can fight? Most blocked shots seem somewhat accidental, possibly the best goalie in the league who has a 2.75 GAA lifetime vs the Sens, and two, MAYBE three defencemen worth their paycheque.

We will admit that Eric Perrin is scrappy as hell, and would probably not hesitate to throw down, or throw his body around, if need be. But come on, do we really want a doxie going up against a mastiff? Perrin needs to save himself for beauty dish passes and sniper-style goals, maybe even a little yapping at the ref. Definitely not to be the team's enforcer.

OK, OK, we'll try to stop being negative. The Sens dropped 3 of 4 to the Thrash last season.

That was our positivity.

The Thrash have put up 3 goals in 2 games. Has anyone ever heard Gretzky's adage about missing the shots you don't take? Something to keep in mind when the puck drops tonight.

Here's the lineup:

Kovalchuk - White - Sterling
Perrin - Little- Kozlov
Larsen - Holik - Dupuis
Thorburn - Slater - Boulton

Havelid - Zhitnik
Exelby - Klee
Enstrom - McCarthy


Remember, boys, natural goal-scorers never see the goalie, they only see the net. We've highlighted it for your convenience.

If the team shows up to play, and brings their A game, they can win. We'll watch and hope, but our prediction is Sens by 2.

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