17 October 2007

Thrashers Times, and Kari's losing it

First off, check out Thrashers Times, a bloggregate of all the Thrasher blogs out there, with the last few posts listed for each. Pretty much your one-stop shopping for all blogs Thrash. Cool beans!

Next we present you with, possibly the most ridiculous quote ever from Kari Lehtonen (and we'll remind you that one time in Chicago, "Supersize me!" was his answer when asked how he was spending Thanksgiving):

"I know I need to play better, so does everybody else," Lehtonen said. "It's hard, but it's our job to perform."
It's hard? Really? How hard is it? To be living your life's dream, to be playing a game for a living, and making millions of dollars doing it? You know what's hard? A 9-5 office job with an hour-plus commute, and not making enough money to make ends meet. That's hard. Want to trade, Lehts? You can have our jobs, and we'll suit up for the Thrash. We've played goalie enough in street hockey that we're pretty sure we can handle it.

Does Kari not have a handler to coach him on what to say and what not to say to the media? First he's learned nothing from playoffs and wants to forget them, then the jerseys make him look fat, and now it's hard to play better than "suck." Kari, we love you. You're our most favourite goalie ever. But c'mon kid - step it up.

And props to our buddy Perrsy: "Biron's biggest save of the night came in the closing seconds of the first period when he got his catching glove on a shot by Eric Perrin that was targeted for the top half of the net." (Courier Post Online)

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