21 October 2007

Pavelec gets first NHL game

Ondrej Pavelec got his first NHL game on Saturday when Hedberg was yanked after allowing 5 Lightning goals. Here's the only article we found about it. More will be added as we find them.

AJC: Pavelec makes NHL debut

We didn't watch the game because we had other stuff going on, but reading the reviews, we're kind of glad we missed it. So let the prognostication begin. Who will be the next to go? What will the next big move be for the Thrash? We do have some inside information that a certain American-born big-gun natural-center who is being held back by his NHL club has expressed interested in beginning discussions about getting traded to the Thrashers. Granted there's Todd White and Eric Perrin (who is being way too under-utilized in our opinion - the Thrashers have the record-holding point getter for UVM and don't seem to be using him in clutch situations), but given proper linemates and a certain amount of freedom, said player could really open the game up for the team, and be the center Kovy needs to light it up.

Whether that would make a difference or not remains to be seen, especially since really what's needed (in addition to a top center) is a Chris Pronger or Sheldon Souray-type defenceman. We're in a bad situation where our questionably top d-men are mentoring the youngsters, and teaching them bad habits (see: Brendan Witt/Steve Eminger).

So would a new coach even make a difference? Herbie Brooks is dead, and he's all we can imagine really turning this team around in the right way. We'd love to be proved wrong, but we believe the problem lies with the mentality of the players. At this point - it's up to them to make the difference.


She Was My Rushmore said...

If Herb WAS here, NOW would be the time he'd bust out with the "does that look like hockey to you, boys? looks like two monkeys trying to hump a football to me" line.

Maal said...

A couple years ago, I was at Caps practice, back when they were REALLY bad, and I was talking to Joe B (the announcer for the Caps, and also on Versus) and I told him the Caps looked like a monkey fucking a football, and he thought that was so damned hilarious, that he considered using it in the next game intro. Sadly, he would've gotten the sack, cause good ol' Comcast, not too fond of the F-bomb on TV.