08 October 2007

Recapping the first full weekend of hockey

2 - 5

Probably one of my two regular readers here was expecting a recap of the Tampa game. But you know what? I'm not recapping poop. And that's how the Thrash played. Like poop. You can't polish a turd.

Where is the defence? Is Zhitnik really the only capable D-man we have? What the hell is going on with Exelby? He looks like Steve Eminger out there. Someone tell him to unglue his ass from the goalpost so Kari and Johan can make a few more saves. Also, forechecking would be nice. Just sayin'.

Team's off til Wednesday, which, thank god. Maybe Hartley will work them all to death with mountains and suicides - we can only hope. I know it's early, blahblah, still working on chemistry, blahblah, but hey - the October points are just as important, if not moreso, than the April points. If we put up the points in October and November, we're not going to be facing 20 consecutive MUST WIN games in the Spring.

From the AJC, on subject of the new jerseys:


"They're tight at the top and get looser as they get closer to the waist," said Lehtonen, and that isn't flattering. "I saw one picture on the Internet, I think they make me look fat," Lehtonen explained. Jim Slater, the club's player representative on the competition committee, refused to blame the new jerseys for that. "I don't know of many things that don't make [Lehtonen] look fat," Slater said. "He's a big boy no matter what — he's got the butt on him, the legs — all that stuff."
Awesome, Slats! Way to chirp your own teammate!

In other team news, Jason Smith made his return to Edmonton Saturday night with the Flyers. They lost. There's nothing I can say about that game, and a picture says a thousand words, so I'll let Gator sum up everything I've got:

We love you, Gator, wherever you may play.

What's up with the Caps winning 2 in a row, and looking good while doing it? We may have to reluctantly slink back to the fandom of this team that we abandoned mid-season 2 seasons ago. Or was it last season? Time flies. At any rate, perhaps it will be a seamless transition. We're friendly with both Sashas on the team, and it's a thrill to see them play together any day of the week, especially with ... that Swedish kid between them. I keep thinking Enstrom, but he's on the Thrash. The other one! Anyway, they've got a 2pm matinee today against the Isles (and will be facing old friends Witter, Si and Zubie!), which we're recording at home since our company doesn't believe Columbus Day is actually a holiday worthy of celebrating. No spoilers please! Although we'll probably listen online. But our prediction is Caps by 2.

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