16 October 2007


Fox Sports speculates on what's wrong with the Thrashers.

AJC speculates on the five major problems with the team. Five? Jesus Christ. But there's this quote from Kari:

Lehtonen on the fix: "I know I have to play better, so does everybody else. ... It's hard, but it's our job to perform. I know I'm a good goalie, I just have to remind myself of that. Everybody has to play better, and that includes me."
The fact that he has to remind himself he's a good goalie is a little unnerving. We can understand reminding himself he's the greatest young goalie in the game but is being hung out to dry and losing already-shaken confidence. But to remind himself he's just good? Oh, Kari.

There's a little poll there as well - vote for what you think is the Thrash's biggest issue. Right now, Chemistry and allowing too many shots are tied at 16 votes each.

Game Day Preview

We'll be short and to the point on this one. Unless something terribly drastic has occurred with our beloved birds, we're picking Philly by 2 tonight. We hate to do that, but to be true to your team, you gotta be realistic as well, and we're just not seeing a lot of indications or reports of change. And this Flyers team is 180 degrees different from last year's. However, we are more than willing to eat our words, should the Thrash pull this one off.

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