09 November 2007

Post game: ATL @ FLA


We didn't watch the whole game, we actually taped it because of other stuff going on, but Kovy scored! And Hoss! And also Kozzie and um... someone else (we missed that goal). And Pavs was once again a beast in net! We have no idea how many shots he stopped, but he looked pretty damned slick doing it. Also, of note - both Pavs and Vokoun are from Kladno, CR. Chances are pretty good the entire town was listening to or watching the game tonight, despite it starting at 2:30am local time.

We probably won't write a better game recap after we finally watch the whole game. Check NHL.com or the Thrash site if you need one. But look! Pictures!

Hoss reaches for the puck as Jokinen catches a free ride.
(AP Photo/J. Pat Carter)

In his first game with the Kittens, Cullimore ass-checks Thorburn.
We'd be ass-checking everything in sight too, if we were Kittens.
(Photo courtesy Getty Images)

Stephen "Can you believe this team pays me $3.2m/yr?" Weiss
proves he can't even take a faceoff without falling down.
(Photo courtesy Getty Images)

Pavs makes a blocker save and shows off this
hottest leg pads for netminders (as seen below).
(Photo courtesy Getty Images)

(Photos from all over. Kari's by Robbie Dee)


Sandi said...

I love when our big scorers are contributing! Kovy is just on fire. Also I think if I remember correctly the 4th goal scorer was Chris Thorburn.

robbie dee said...

incorrect link! should be foocow.blogspot.com, not wewantdunham.blogspot.com. thanks for trying though! :)

Maal said...

Thanks, San!

Sorry, Rob! Fixed it now. So close and yet, so so very far.

robbie dee said...

hey, you had the right idea and i commend you for that!

Maal said...

They say it's the thought that counts.....