20 November 2007

Interviewlet with Tony Salmelainen

From AllHockey.ru (translated by Maal):

After a game in Yaroslavl, Lokomotiv v Torpedo (Lokomotiv win 4-3), AllHockey.ru correspondent Sergeyi Litvak has interviewed the two newest two players for Lokomotiv, Tony Salmelainen, and Daniel Tjarnqvist, who told us about their first impressions.

Tony, this was your first game in Russia. Please share impressions about your new team, and your today's opponents, in comparison with the teams you played with [in Toronto].
Unfortunately, I left [Toronto] last month, and I need some time to find my stride again. We played well, but the opponent was always a step ahead of us, and toward the end of the games the situation became dire, but we managed to win, and it is very important for us. I don't think that we played our best game, that is still ahead of us.

Tell us about your new teammates, particularly Alexei Yashin?
I don't think it is possible to tell you anything new about Yashin, I enjoyed playing with him. He can win [control] the puck, make very good passes, we play one style, and we even today had quite good moments. Shooting* pucks we were not so successful with, if we can be, there will be more goals.

Tell us your first impressions about Russia.
I like Yaroslavl, it's an excellent arena, everything is very convenient. I like the younger guys on the team. Russian is very difficult, but I already know some words (I did not ask him to specify which, author note) and I shall try to master the language.
*Not sure if this is exactly what was written, but given context, it's the most logical translation.

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