30 November 2007

Well, well, well. I was right. TA-DAAAA!

Hey now. Y'all should seriously take my knowledge to the track and bet on it because I AM A FUCKING GENIUS. OMNISCIENT! OMNIPOTENT! I'M THE MAN! Except, you know, I'm a chick. Wait, did I ruin the illusion for you? Shit. Sorry. Forget that last bit. BUT LOOK! THE AJC BACKS UP HOW FULL OF WIN I AM!

Lehtonen rejoins team, likely to play this weekend

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 11/30/07

Goaltender Kari Lehtonen will join the Thrashers in New York Friday night and is expected to return to the ice either Saturday against the Islanders or Sunday against New Jersey.

Lehtonen is coming off two strong games in Chicago where he's been on a conditioning assignment in the AHL for a groin injury he sustained six weeks ago.

Waddell liked what he saw from Lehtonen when he watched him play Tuesday in Chicago and assistant GM Larry Simmons had a good report from Lehtonen's game Thursday — a 4-3 overtime win over Peoria in which Lehtonen made 30 saves.

"Now he's had two real good weeks of practice and two games," Waddell said.

The Thrashers (11-13) have lost three in a row and could use a spark.

"Any time you go through little struggles, you look for energy from some place," Waddell said. "There's no doubt these guys here are capable of doing it ... [but Lehtonen] can be a difference-maker also."

Rookie Ondrej Pavelec will be re-assigned to Chicago. He was 3-3 with a 3.11 goals-against average in seven games.

I'm humming the theme song to Rocky. You should too. Because I fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and I can make dead-on calls on sports, and specifically on Kari Lehtonen, like it's my JOB. Is this annoying? The gloating? Well you'd be gloating too if you were right. Were you right? When'd you pick for him to come back? There's a reason this place gets called Kari Central, and it ain't cause of mad swooning over how cute he is (although, really, he is pretty cute, eh?). It's for the mad Kari knowledge and sick research skills (hi, Google alerts!). That and I've followed this guy's career since he was 17. I'm just sayin'! I'm allowed to gloat.

Onnittelu, Kärppä! Paljon onnea, hyvin menestys jotta te!

Moving on. I suppose this requires me to actually start doing pre- and post-game previews and reviews, eh? Yeah, I should get on that. So Isles tomorrow night. OK. I can do that. But not tonight. Because I have to go gloat some more. Perhaps run around the house pumping my fists in the air while singing the Rocky theme loudly. God, I'm annoying.

By the way, do you have Facebook? If you do, you should add the SportsBets app. It's fucking awesome, and free! You can bet on every damned sport, including college (and not just NCAA either!) and if you listen to my predictions, you'll earn a lot of chips. I've tripled my chips in two weeks, but I'm a somewhat conservative better. But seriously, check it out, it's fun, free, and totally addicting. And they're not giving me more chips to say this either.

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