19 November 2007

You like us! You really like us! And league stuff

Sometime during the early morning or late night hours while most of us slept, an insignificant statistic was achieved. FireWagon cracked 1,000 unique hits. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for reading us (we see you, repeat visitors! We have like 5 regular readers now!) and for visiting each time we make a post. And most of all for thinking we're funny because damn it, we are! We totally love you. Do you need a date for your company holiday party? We will totally be your arm candy! Now if y'all could only stay on the site for more than 00:00, we would consider being your mistresses. Mistressii? We would give you sexual favours. Or, you know, link your blog. Whichever you prefer!

Right. Moving on.

We're #1! We're #1! We're #1! OK not really, we just felt like chanting that. But we are the most winningest team in the SE Div in the past 10 games. Which is kind of like saying you're the skinniest kid at fat camp, even with the Cups that have graced our beautiful South in the past couple years, but hey, we'll take it. Hoss and Kovy are hitting their strides, Waddell separated the wonder twins, Ex and Mac (thank God) so we can actually get some defence from Ex, and Moose and Pavs are busting ass in the fight of "who gets to stay when Lehts is healthy again?" Sorry Pavs, we've got our money on Moose. He's got a contract, after all, and we'd lose him on the waiver wire. Hey have we mentioned Lehts is about 2 weeks away from a return? We know we have, and we know we'll mention it another 300 times in the next two weeks, but we're super cited. Someone send us pictures of our beloved goalie in Duluth! We will... um... offer prizes! Yes! Prizes! We aren't sure what yet, but damn it! Robbie? Talkin' Practice Tom? Someone!

Brody finally broke the elusive 500 wins mark on Saturday night against the Flyers (we dance a jig of glee, yet cry for Gator), and if he's not blowing Elias for that GWG, or his defence for, well, you know, playing defence, he needs to re-evaluate a few things. Can I be the first one to say I'm kind of surprised that landmark win didn't come against the Capitals? Because pretty much every landmark occasion in hockey comes against them. But we'll get to that.

Mikko Koivu apparently had either his leg bone broken in two places, or both bones broken different, but whatever, Mattias Ohlund did it. And got a 4 game suspension for his troubles. Now, here's where we're kind of ... ennnh. Obviously we here at FWH are big supporters of Team Suomi in international competition. The Wild are saying Mikko will only be out for a week........ Wait. What? DUDE. World Cup is in less than a year! Take some time off, let that shit heal! Also, it creates the opportunity for more ice time for Dominic Moore. Who, btw, the Denver Post kind of made a shitty remark about, although it was probably made with the best intentions:

The Canucks face the Wild in St. Paul on Wednesday. If some members of the Wild get too caught up in retribution, they could ask their young center, Dominic Moore, about the phenomenon. He's the younger brother of former Avalanche forward Steve Moore.
Is it just us or is that like, totally insensitive? Because there's a player left in professional hockey who is unaware of the whole Moore/Bertuzzi incident, that they need to ask Steve's little brother? Tasteless. And we're like, the queens of flaunting our complete lack of taste. If we call you tasteless, you got issues.

Leafs beat the Sens Saturday night, eh? That totally fucked us in our sports betting, because hello, who wouldn't drop 1,000 chips on the Sens in that matchup? Fuckin' Leafs.

Alexander "Sasha Vanilla" Semin is set to return to the Caps lineup tonight in time for their game against the Panthers. We love Sasha Vanilla. You should too. Lined with Alexander "Sasha Mocha" Ovechkin, there isn't a single god damned reason in the world these two can't 1-2 punch the entire league in the nuts and win the Stanley Cup by themselves. Except for that whole, curse of the Washington Sports teams. DC is where athletes go to die, you didn't know? We love the Sashas, we just hope they can either turn the curse around, or get the fuck out of dodge.

Speaking of the Kittens, there's a fucking hilarious article about Stephen "I pulled off the heist of the century" Weiss in today's Miami Herald. We'll just include a relevant quote.
Weiss is playing better of late, and after a slow start and one goal in 17 games, and has scored four points (with a goal and three assists) in the past five games.
OK, no. No no no. Six points in 22 games puts him on pace for 22 points on the season, which puts him at 26 points less than his "career season" last year. And this dude took the Panthers for $3m+ a season? Wow. Does he work at Dewey Cheatham and Howe in the offseason? Also?
The Panthers are hoping the recent improvement from Weiss will not only continue, but also be contagious.
We doubt it's Weisser's "improvement" that's contagious, but hey, best of luck Kitties. Only not really.


Knotwurth Mentioning said...

'Grats! Best of luck with the next 1000! Keep up the good posting!

Oh, and the 00:00 is of course because of the fact that most people come to your front page and never leave it. I hate statcounters.

Maal said...

Thanks!! So 'citing!!!

Yaaaaah, I can't figure out why the damned thing doesn't work. But the average visit is like a minute and change, so whatevs. At least y'all're visiting! Anything we can do to entertain the masses, we are on that like white on rice!

Sandi said...

Congrata on cracking 1,000 hits!! I like to think I had helped with that and I will surely keep reading=)

You can be my date anytime=)

robbie dee said...

yeah, big ups to getting to 1k visits! i gotta check into the practice schedule and see what's happening in the coming days. seeing how i don't have a day off until next week (that's right, not off on thanksgiving!), i doubt i'll be able to make it up in the immediate future. we'll see what happens though.