20 December 2007

Game Day Preview

So... if you pray? Now maybe would be the time to start asking your higher power for a little help for the boys in Blueland. That said, I dropped 50k on the Thrash for tonight's game, so clearly I'm either out of my mind, or I just have one of those feelings of mine. Here's how I see this matchup right now.

Kari's in a zone. Everything about his game the other night was near-perfection. All the big players are playing exactly how we expect them to, they're all connecting, the power play isn't looking half bad, and even though we've lost all 3 of the matchups against Ottawa this season, we also haven't played them yet with Rex on the roster. Once again, Rex is a beast against them as an opponent - 59 games, 46 points, 144 shots. And here's the thing. The Sens are down puckblocking machine Anton "I need new nickname" Volchenkov, as well as Mike "I haven't really done much this season" Fisher.

If our defence can keep the shots to a minimum and try and shut down the top line of Spezza-Heatley-Alfredsson, and if our top scorers bring their A-game, and if Waddell gives Kari the start (dude, did you SEE Johan last game? You'd be insane not to. Seriously, who lets in 5 on 19?), I honestly believe the boys in blue can walk away with 2 without sacrificing 1. Like I said, I put 50k down.

Thrashers by 1. Now I'm off to check the starting lines and see if Kärppä is indeed our starter.

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