19 December 2007

Last night's photos, as promised!

These are all from ModSquad and CBS. So if you click the smaller image, you'll get a 1024x768 version. I keep forgetting to say that, but almost all the photos I post are like that. Enjoy! More will be added to this post as I dig them up. Do you have any pictures you'd like to share?? Comment and leave me a link!

Celebrating the X goal

Gorgeous photo of Kari making a blocker save.

Thorburn doing his best rock'em sock'em immitation

Celebrating Rex's goal


nebcanuck said...

lol, why do I get the feeling that you guys would call any picture of Kari "gorgeous."

Maal said...

Haha, hey I have some CRAPTACULR photos of Kari. The photograph itself is what I meant was gorgeous. The puck in mid-deflection off the blocker. I love photos like that, where you can see the action, you know?

Besides, Kari is CUTE, not gorgeous! :p And dude! You changed your name! Haha, I was like, who the hell is that guy?!