27 December 2007

Live blogging, ATL v FLA (3rd period)

3 - 5
  • I feel like I'm watching last night's game again. Kari seems to be a fraction of a second off in his timing. That 2nd goal, there was no reason he couldn't have, wouldn't have, grabbed that if his timing were on. Last night knocked him off a little bit, it seems.
  • OMG Kozzie, I personally am so sorry that your 1.000th game, and to the end of the 2nd, the game honouring said 1.000th game, have gone this way. Although I will say...
  • I HATE YOU VOKOUN! He is the ONLY reason the we haven't scored a damned goal! ARGH!
  • Who is the moron who did the 2nd period intermission update? Because it's Lah-tahn-dress (roll the r).
    • Pick Latendresse up in your fantasy league. On the off chance he's available, pick up A. Semin. I had him in a keeper league, but abandoned the league. I had Kari and Ovechkin and Lupul too. I was money. Moving on.
  • 25 faceoffs won and 27 shots on goal, and no. freakin. goals.
    • Have you checked out knobhockey? I posted that one Byrzy video a while back, but there's a whole bunch of them. If you watch the Braveheart speech, you'll get the Ricci-ugly joke I make a lot.
  • DUDE IT WORKED! KOVY JUST SCORED!!! FIRST SOG IN THE 3RD!!!!!! 30th OF THE YEAR! OK that's so weird cause that's the 2nd time I've used that icon in some Thrash related something, and then they scored. last time repeatedly, if I recall. Cause, you know, it's all about me (us). Admit it - you're wearing your jersey cause it's all about you, am I right?? 2-1
  • See how Kari didn't move there? When he made that stop right before the goal? He just froze until the play was well and dead. He knows his timing's off. And that goal, what the shit. His glove hand is one of the best in the NHL, and he was a fraction too slow. They say he was screened, maybe I need to watch the replay again, but I didn't really see one. Maybe it's time to give Kari a rest? 3-1
  • How, how, how did the puck not go in on the delayed penalty? Grrr, Weisser.
  • REX! REXXXXX!!!!! God damn that was a gorgeous sequence. Tobi to Kovy who faked then sent it right to Rex through traffic and he readjusted, then wristed it right between Vokoun's stacked pads, which weren't quite stacked. 3-2.
  • "Thrashers have really dominated this period. Save the one lost faceoff that led to the Panthers' 3rd goal." Well. That's a biggie. It'd be tied otherwise there, hero.
  • Damn, nice hit, Rex!
  • Are we on the PP? No? We're set up like we are. How long was that in the O-zone?
  • 9:00 to go and Slats almost ties it , tipping it off Vokoun's glove.
  • Aaaaand Mezei just took out Slats.
  • Damn Dupuis almost was off to the races, but 1-on-3 not exactly happenin'.
  • X rides awfully close to that blueline.
  • Horton Heard a Who and put up the 2nd one, in what... looked like to go off McLean's shoulder, but Eliot says off Tobi's pants, so I don't know. Kari didn't even see it until it went off his shoulder and in. 2-4
  • YEAH KOVY!!!! HAHA WOOOOO!!!!!!!! SHG - 31st! 1:00 to go on the PK. 3-4
  • Todd White robbed on another breakaway.
  • Do Atlantans know the Bronx cheer? Did Kari get one on his glove save or am I imagining things?
  • Wow Kozzie scored his first goal in the NHL against Kelly Hrudy.
  • 40 SOG by the Thrash with 3:47 to go. How about one more that goes in?
  • Kari heading to the bench with 1:16 left after an icing call.
  • 5 forwards out with Tobi.
  • 1 minute remaining after the puck sent out of play, Rex kept it in the zone twice in a row.
  • Bouwmeester shoots it straight down the pond for an empty netter. 3-5, :55.6 to go.
Thrash lose. Valiant effort in the third, but where the hell was that effort in the 1st and 2nd? Kovy has to get 2nd star behind Vokoun. Bastard.

Well that was almost fun. Let's not do that again. Live blogging maybe though. Next game's the first of a home-and-home with the B's, but not on Thrash TV. Luckily it is on dish through NESN, so I will have the hopeful joy of bringing you coverage of what better be a great game.

Hedberg to start next game?

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