22 December 2007

Ser-gei Ko-STEET-sin

There's one thing I want to get cleared up and out of the way before I post the review. Sports writers, bloggers, and NHL.com, please take note. The name of #74 on the Montreal Canadiens is Sergei Kostitsyn.

It is not SIARHEI KASTSITSYN. NHL.com, I'm looking at you.

It is not a difficult name to spell. Or say. Sergei's a very good friend of Firewagon Hockey. Don't hate on a guy by spelling his name wrong. Especially when you can spell his brother's name right. Also, If you're in a fantasy keeper league, pick this kid up. Now.

Moving on.


OK I can't lie. I came in in the middle of the 3rd, so um. I'm gonna go watch it on Tivo and post a review.

But we won 3-2, in the shootout when Kari stopped Sergei. Which I totally find ... more ironic than coincidental. Keeper game! More later.

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