19 January 2008

I blame myself...

10 - 1

I blame myself for being a dumbass and thinking the Thrash were playing the Oilers. I invested all my energy into figuring out how that would go, and talking to Tater about it and shit, I threw the karmic balance off. Because, you know, it's all about me. Or you. Whichever. But the Sabres were due, am I right? It just sucks their due came against us. Most goals the Thrashers have ever given up on the road, historically.

Anytime a team puts up a touchdown against you before the end of the second, why bother showing up for the third? God love football scores in hockey, although the Thrash coulda put up another 2 to make it a real football score.

Was it Rawhide or Ben who said the Thrash tend to run hot and cold? And good lord, do they. I mean, if I didn't know better, I'd wonder if it was actually OUR Thrasher team that showed up at HSBC, or a bunch of scrubs in our boys' unis. Cause Jesus Christ I haven't seen such bad hockey since the Caps beat the Kittens 12-2 (In... 03?). This was close! Does this go down in the annuls as worst. game. evar? I think so.

You can hit up Trizzy's blog if you want the Sabres' fan view of the game. I bet she's positively peeing her pants because her beloved Staffy put up a hatty.

So here's some pictures. You probably don't want to see them.

There was a lot of this

Followed by a lot of this

And even some of this....

Followed by more of this
(Is it just me or does Kovy look like
he's thinking of taking someone's head off?)

And even one of these.

So... if you're a Sabres fan, last night was your night. You're welcome? If you're a Thrashers fan, you're thinking what I'm thinking, and that's something along the lines of "bag skate!" Skate til you puke boys, the legs feed the wolves, and this type of play is wholly and completely unacceptable. Especially since we're in the race with Carolina, who has now leap-frogged us and is up by one. Granted, we've a game in hand still, which technically puts us ahead of them by 1, but that's technically, not in practice. We're #2 just doesn't have the same ring, does it? And as of right now, should playoffs start tomorrow, we're out.

Carolina Hurricanes 50 23 23
4 50 152 162
Atlanta Thrashers 49 23 23
3 49 138 165
Florida Panthers 48 21 23
4 46 119 135
Washington Capitals 46 20 21
5 45 132 144
Tampa Bay Lightning 47 18 24
5 41 135 157

Eastern Conference

1 Ottawa Senators* 46 30 12
4 64 162 128
2 New Jersey Devils* 46 26 17
3 55 112 106
3 Carolina Hurricanes* 50 23 23
4 50 152 162
4 Montréal Canadiens 46 24 14
8 56 142 129
5 Pittsburgh Penguins 46 26 17
3 55 133 123
6 Philadelphia Flyers 44 24 15
5 53 142 124
7 New York Islanders 46 23 18
5 51 112 126
8 Boston Bruins 45 22 18
5 49 116 120

9 New York Rangers 47 22 20
5 49 114 121
10 Atlanta Thrashers 49 23 23
3 49 138 165

Look, all I ask is that, come the All-Star break, we're atop the division with a comfortable lead of at least three points. That's not asking for too much. Is it?

Who's praying for a veteran, all-star defenceman (or four) come the trade deadline? I know I've got my hand raised and waving wildly.


M.J. said...

My heart was so torn. Torn between my girlfiend Maal and my boyfriend Staffy.

Ultimately, you know YOU always win, but it was lovely of you to let him have the spotlight for one night...

Maal said...

As long as this only happens this one time... I'll consider letting it slide.


You always win in my heart too, baby!