12 January 2008

Ladies Night, oh what a night! Thrash win.

3 - 2 (S/O)

You're picturing Jon Lovitz from Wedding Singer now aren't you? You better be cause that image has been stuck in my head since I found out it was Ladies Night tonight at Blueland. Of course, I have no idea what that means. Was it free drinks for the laaaadies? If so, I'm bummed out I couldn't go!

So the Pens came in riding a hot streak where apparently Sid "Bing" Crosby could do no wrong, and Ty "Conkblock" Conklin couldn't lose if he tried. And if you read this blog fairly regularly, you know I love me some Pens. So this was a strange game for me to watch. But I'm pleased to report I found myself cheering for the Thrash at every turn.

Obviously the highlights of the game were Kari's all-star performance, including shutting down Bing and Genya in the shootout, and Rex scoring against his old team. Now who out there wants to tell me why Kovy was named 1st star? Yeah, league leading 37th goal, awesome and all, but I don't think his in-game performance was better than Kari's. Yeah, yeah, biased. Shocker, right?

Here's your photos from the evening.

Sydor displays his curling skills

Bing makes it look easy

Stuart and the guy whose name I thought was said like Taffy. I was wrong.

Thaaaaat's a goal. (Damned watermarks)

And thaaaat's goal-love.

Remember, just say NO to Staal. Even when he's trying to catch Kovy.

Sydor riding dirty on Rex. Note Syd's not looking at the puck.

Tonight's forecast: Light snow showers and NO GOAL.

Kari talks post game:

Pens Thrashed in Atlanta
Pens Thrashed in Atlanta

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