03 January 2008

Post-game Review: ATL @ CAR

4 - 5
Who called it? Oh that's right! Me!
Thrash by 1 in OT or Shootout.
Posted by Maal at 12:38
I am full of awesome! I might not predict exactly how the game'll go, but man can I pull a line and a final or what? Hah. Hold on, I popped my shoulder out of its socket patting myself on the back.

Anyway, so ... Kari didn't get the start (after giving up 5 to the team you'd just shut out, I'm not surprised), Ward was in net, the Canes got a boatload of powerplays... Although, who else said HA HA GLEN WESLEY, HA HA! when he got that penalty in OT? Am I right?? And see you can't blame the ref for that kinda stuff, because if you have something called "defence" then you don't have to worry about your team being on the PK (see: Penguins/OT/Ice Bowl re: Armstrong). Am I the only person who was watching and thinking, "Oh crap, Mac is on the ice and by the net, I bet the Canes score here in a second?" Still the boys pulled it in OT. Love ya, Hoss!

Here are your photos from last night.

I love this pic. Hate that Boulton got hurt on it, but great photo.

I smoosh him, like bug on windshield.

Just say NO to Staal!

And keep saying NO to Staal!


GWG love!

More GWG love! Best kind of love!

For an "NHL Game of the Week" I think the team looked ... okay. Not great. And good lord almighty, could the two dinks calling the game have been any more up Carolina's butt? "Atlanta 2, Carolina 1, how did that happen?" Um, I think it's called goal scoring there, Chippy. Further? I was getting so irritated by their inability to say any names right. And not even dudes on the Thrash! Looks like the next game on Vs isn't until 3/18 @ Philly, so there's that at least.

Up next, closing out the home-and-home v the Candy Canes, this time in Blueland. Friday night, 1930, on SportSouth (thank GOD!).

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