07 January 2008

Random babbling about the team, Hatcher and Eminger

First, I had to work til 7 on Friday, and with an hour long commute home, that meant I'd miss puck-drop. So I called home to have the resident 12 year old electronics expert set up the VCR to tape the game. Well guess what? It wasn't being shown on Center Ice. [Insert mad face here] And of course, because that's just how things go, Kari lost. So Moose gets the start for yesterday's matinee, which I both forgot to do a game-day preview on AND forgot to bet on (lost a mill on the Carolina game Friday, btw), and he gets the win. Which says to me Moose will get the start tomorrow against Philly.

You know, I kind of hope that Downie is still in the lineup when they come to town, because I would pay cold hard cash to see X give that punk one of his patented open-ice knock-you-the-eff-out hits. Also? Derian Hatcher? I hate you. I hated you before but you broke my buddy Loops! Your own teammate. What the hell is wrong with you, jackass? Stay away from Gator, you may taint him with your evil.

Further, Steve Eminger, an old personal friend of all of us at FWH, and a guy we love and love making fun of, finally played this weekend, after being a healthy scratch since Novermber 26. Yeah, I know, I thought it was a typo too, but no, 17 healthy scratches in a row, yet on the 5th of January, he played.

But here's the thing. I can't find ANY pictures of it. So I pose this question to you, dear readers. If an oft-scratched defenceman plays, but there are no photos, did he actually play? I'll be spending the day scouring the intarwebs for a photo to prove he really did play. If you've got one and can direct me, that would be full of awesomesauce (much like Steve himself, although, maybe not so much as a Cap). Now look, I know I rag on Emmy a lot, but I love the guy. Having the early part of his professional career not just marred, but perhaps shattered and scarred by the "coaching" of Bruce "Butch" Cassidy did him in - and not just Emmer, but many Caps players. He just needs the right environment, with the right D-partners, and the right coach..... That said...

I'm considering starting a campaign to trade Steve Eminger. Anyone think he'd be good in Atlanta? We can do a straight up Steve-for-Steve trade, Eminger for McCarthy. Put Eminger back on a pairing with Kenny Klee and put X with Tobi maybe? Yeaaaah, I'm liking that idea. Waddell, are you listening? Steve Eminger, buddy. You want him! Plus, we can still maintain our wonder twin defencemen status, because Emmer and X do look a bit alike!

Here's your photos from yesterday's matinee. Bit low on photos because ModSquad has mostly ones from Presswire, and they only release small photos, not the 1024x768s that I prefer. That said, here we go:

Colin Stuart goooooal!

Um, Kevin Doell? I guess he's a callup?

Thaaaat's another goal!


There we some quotes from Kari in the papers about the game Friday night, and eventually I'll dig them up and post them, for my own amusement if nothing else, but in the interim, and to tie back into what I said about above Derian Hatcher, here's a little sidebar from BFF Trizzy, who leads the revolution to inform the world that Derian Hatcher is the root of all evil:
During a scrum in front of the Flyers net midway through the second period, Zajac got his glove into the face of Philadelphia defenceman Derian Hatcher and then pulled his bare hand out.

"I guess I got close to him and he bit me," said Zajac, who wore a splint on the middle finger of his left hand. "I felt pain, I saw blood and then got stitched up and went back out."

Zajac, who gave the Devils a 2-0 lead with his first goal in nearly a month, missed the rest of the second period but returned for the third. Zajac said Hatcher didn't talk to him. "I had my finger in his mouth, so I don't think he could," Zajac said.
The Philadelphia Flyers announced Sunday that forward Joffrey Lupul will out of the lineup for a few weeks after being diagnosed with a spinal cord bruise and a mild concussion.

Lupul was released from a Pennsylvania hospital Sunday after hit his head on the ice in a collision with teammmate Derian Hatcher against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Look, what more do you people want from me? It's obvious that Hatcher is blazing a path to hell and he's taking everyone down with him. I would say I am surprised, but I think I warned you all he was a flesh eating creature of the night and that one day it would come to this. It's OK. It's obvious the Day of Judgment is at hand and when the shit hits the fan at least I know I'm prepared.

Christ. He's eating people and now he's concussing his own teammates. This is like something out of a goddamn "Frankenstein" movie. Or "King Kong." The monster has turned on its own now and there is no stopping it. Pretty soon you're going to turn on CNN and there will be Hatcher, clinging to the top of the Empire State building, swatting at passing airplanes while the National Guard tries to take him down with a militia of tanks and fire power.

I can see it unfold now... members of the clergy will be on top of the building trying to perform some sort of exorcism, so all you'll hear is Hatcher yowling and an army of priests yelling: "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!" Then they'll have Anderson Cooper reporting, as the Beast they call "The Hatch" is riddled with bullets, saying, something like, "OH THE HUMANITY!"

I personally cannot WAIT.

Am I the only one imagining Preston Lacy and Wee Man from Jackass 2.5 right now? Yes? No? I'm delusional you say? Well no kidding. Tell me something I don't know.

Off to scour teh intarwebs for photographic proof Emmy played this weekend. John, are you reading? Help a lady out!


GameChewedGum said...


Canadiens' photo gallery from 1/5...it's blurry but I could swear that's Emmy on the bench, 3rd photo in to the left of Jurcina.

There's also an Emmy sighting on the video highlights, around 4:18 or so.

I feel so bad for the kid--the Caps just aren't giving a fair chance this year.

Maal said...

!!!!! YOU RULE!!!!! Thank you!

I feel HORRIBLE for him. I want to DEMAND his trading. But I'm not his agent so um, I can't do that. He can though. And he should. I know this has become home to him (and god knows I would miss the hell out of the kid) but it's time to move on to a team that will utilize and appreciate him.