23 February 2008

Hey Hoss, don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya

Am I the only one around here who is A) damned sick and tired of hearing all the speculation on the status of Hossa's contract and B) not the least bit concerned if he goes? He has not impressed me at all this year, except during the Detroit game. But one game out of 62 does not a superstar make. Tobi has impressed me more. Perrin has impressed me more. Hossa is streaky and seems too petulant a player. You don't want to re-sign? Good. Go. Bye. If we don't get some quality defencemen in return, or at least some spectacularly defencive forwards, I will have reached the limit on my patience with DW. Do we need guys who will shoot the puck? Absolutely. However, scoring goals, or the ability to, is not as much of a problem as our utter lack of defence is at the moment. So does DW address filling the supposed void Hossa is creating with his absence, or does he address the fact that Tobi and Kari are our only defencemen, and they're getting damned tired? If he is crafty, he will address both issues, and package more of our players with Hossa, even if for a rental situation. We have the ability to make the post season, but the players need to be more defencively responsible, and they need to remember that shooting the puck is what wins games.

Of all the rumours I have heard, and sickeningly I have heard this one repetitively, the Hossa-to-Boston for Kessel + pick + prospect is the one that disturbs me most. Do we really need a young player that needs to be coddled, who is having a hard time finishing, with the best set-up man in the league centering him? I will say no. Personally, I dislike Kessel enormously, so perhaps I'm overly reactionary to this news. But of all the players on the Boston roster, I think he is the most useless one we could acquire. Give us Savard. Give us Lucic. Give us Ference. Give us Chara. Jesus, give us the zamboni driver and a bag of pucks, but please, keep Kessel.

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Theresa Hofacre said...

I don't know if Kess is the most useless... We do have Aaron Ward and Shawn Thornton on the roster, remember?

How about we send you that bag of pucks, Shawn Thornton, Glen Murray and the ice girls for Hossa? I think it's a pretty fair trade.