16 February 2008

I think I'm going to be sick....

4 - 1

Exhibit A
Trent Hunter SOG: 7
Sean Bergenheim SOG: 7 (1 goal)
Thrashers SOG: 10

For what it's worth, Bergenheim, being Kari's best friend, is the only one I will accept a goal from. Or maybe Sutton if he'd had one, also being one of Kari's best friends.

Exhibit B
Largest shot discrepancy in franchise history: 27 (1999)
Shot discrepancy tonight: 39

That is a fucking embarrassment, and it is ridiculous. Seriously? 49 shots allowed? Are you effin' kidding me? The next time I read someone lauding our super awesome defence, extolling the virtues of how great our blue line is, how hard they work, I am going to punch that person in the balls and point them to this game, of many. Our #1 problem is our defence, or lack thereof. The only NHL calibre defencemen we really have, who are worth their salary, are Kenny Klee, Tobi Enstrom, ....... wait, hold on I'm thinking. Ex is worth keeping simply for the intimidation factor, but the rest? They can go. Like, yesterday. And I don't mean that against the men personally, I'm sure they're all quite nice and charming and great people. But for this team, for this style of play, they don't fit, and you can't, CAN'T leave your goalie out to dry in a shooting gallery every god damned game, and that is almost consistently what is done. We damned well better be buyers come the 26th, and we'd better be buying some defencemen. Perfect world? Gimme Pronger and Jason Smith. But hey, unfortunately reality tends to impede on my fantasies, and there ain't a chance in hell Anaheim or Philly will give those two up. But we need defencemen of that ilk, at least one.

I was watching the Sabres game today, and after Miller was pulled, Rick Jeneret made a comment that I think applies to Kari's game tonight as well - "Even Frank Sinatra had to clear his throat now and again."

Thank god there's 5 days off. Maybe we can forget this game even happened and look towards the Carolina game. By that time, though, we'll possibly be holding down the SE basement.

Because I picked up the death flu making the rounds of the US, and have been sicker than a dog all day, I am going to chalk this game up to delirium. Or forget it ever happened. Yeah, I like that idea. Here's to hoping the team can do the same thing, and move on from this without letting it break them.

To add insult to injury, Washington's defeated Tampa, and the Canes pulled it over the Kittens.

Days remaining to trade deadline: 10


Big Shooter said...

Yes, let's all forget this game ever happened.

Rawhide said...

That picture you have of Kari looks like what happened to him last night...hung out on a cross and crucified!

He could have sued his team for lack of support.

Maal said...

Big-I-can't-pick-a-name then we're agreed. Never happened.

Rawhide you know? I almost captioned that Kari of Nazareth. I should. Because he is becoming a damned martyr.