20 February 2008

Want to see a pissed off goalie?

For the good of the team, and really all involved, I show you these images in an effort to know what to avoid, nay, run from. We don't want our goalie to look like this! We want him happy and bouncy, and cocky! Not batshit crazy and beyond furious. Which is where he's probably headed, with stops in I Hate You All and Dear God Please Trade Me To Boston. From the game that didn't really happen, courtesy Getty.

Because really, why would he be SMILING in that game? Maniacal, homicidal laughter is likely the soundtrack to this photo.

Death ray glare!!! One more shot away from swinging the stick like a baseball bat at his defencemen's ankles!

Mad mad mad. Kari mad. Kari relaxing tense muscles. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel the tension and anger leave with each exhale, as your muscles relax.

1 of 45.

Kari: Not a chance, Bergenhe.... Fuck.

Kari: I hate you.
Bergenheim: *laughing ass off* Just like when we were kids!

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