17 March 2008

FA's by numbers

Happy St Patrick's Day. Here's your WTF moment of the day, from the AJC:

Goalie Kari Lehtonen is set to be a restricted free agent, but don't expect any contracts finalized soon.

"There are no talks going on right now," Waddell said. "On our current team there's only one restricted and that's Lehtonen. We have a couple unrestricted guys but right now no talks have gone on with any of our players. I think the [current] situation, I don't see a big need just yet. We have a couple weeks here to focus on winning hockey games."
Wait... what? For one Brett Sterling is also RFA, and a couple? A couple UFA's? I thought a couple meant 2-3. We're rocking the UFAs come 1 July, see below.

PlayerNationalityAgeTeamPos08 FA Status07-08 Cap #07-08 Salary
Boulton, Eric 30 ATL L UFA 0.525 0.525
Brathwaite, Fred 34 ATL G UFA 0.500 0.500
Doell, Kevin 27 ATL C UFA 0.475 0.475
Haydar, Darren 27 ATL R UFA 0.463 0.475
Hedberg, Johan 34 ATL G UFA 1.000 1.150
Holik, Bobby 36 ATL C UFA 4.250 4.250
Krog, Jason 31 ATL C UFA 0.475 0.500
Kwiatkowski, Joel 30 ATL D UFA 0.600 0.600
Lehtonen, Kari 23 ATL G RFA 1.850 2.200
McCarthy, Steve 26 ATL D UFA 0.725 0.725
Recchi, Mark 37 ATL R UFA 1.000 1.750
Rucchin, Steve* 35 ATL C UFA 2.125 2.400
Sterling, Brett 23 ATL L RFA 0.585 0.585

You know, if we'd won even 25% of the past 14 games, I could see how focusing on winning games would be a priority over the FAs on your roster. However, the team has won 2 in 14, which isn't even 20%, and there's 8 more to go, with no shot whatsoever at the playoffs. Why bother? I mean yeah, it'd be nice to see them win the last few, maybe salvage their pride, work towards a raise for next season, but 07-08 is a wash for the Thrashers. I was going to analyse the numbers vs the cap and the players already signed for next season, but you know what? I kind of don't care anymore. I mean, I care, but I don't care at the same time. There's the numbers, you can do your own analysis.

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