31 March 2008

Lehtonen earns shutout #4, Kovy gets 52

0 - 2
(Shutout #4)

By the end of the Tampa game, Kari had stopped 77 consecutive shots on goal. Neither the Thrashers, nor the Lightning, rate being televised, or the game being covered by Getty. Thus, AP pictures (read: "small").

Am I the only one who is a little pissy that they could "play for themselves" in these last few meaningless games, and win, yet they couldn't do this when the points mattered?

So, there's only 2 games left in the Thrashers season, my friends. Some of you might be wondering if FWH will keep publishing during the offseason, and the answer to that is YES! I'll be blogging about both NHL playoffs (BRUINS!) and World's, which start, 2 May and run through 18 May. I'll be bringing you all the news you need about my favourite goalie wearing Suomi blue. Hopefully. Lotta Finn goalies missing out on playoffs this season. And this is an important year for the Lions of Finland, what with Westerlund being out of the coaching job, with Doug Shedden taking over for him for the season, and then Jukka Jalonen taking over after that. I would assume Shedden will coach World's, but who knows?

So, fret not, all three of my faithful readers. There's always hockey to write about somewhere. Thanks for sticking around. This has been one hell of an adventure, this hockey blogging.


Suzanne B said...

I'd rather have the Caps in than the Hurricanes.

I have no idea who to root for. I can't go for the Pens, I'm over the whole perpetual Sidney Crosby blow job by NBC. I'm still to bitter with Heatley to go for Ottawa.

This post season is going to suck.

nebcanuck said...

So this guarantees Tbay's last, eh? Cool.

And I think most of us fans of lower teams feel bitter when the team starts performing after it counts! It's painful to see what your team is capable of, but not be able to reap in any sort of tangible benefits!