13 March 2008

Well slap my ass and call me Charlie!

6 - 4

The hairy Erics throw down.

So... I was flipping between this game and the B's/Bolts game... and the first time I flipped, Kovy and Army (Crush?) scored. The second time, right when I flipped back, Langkow scored for Calgary. And I was seriously starting to get a complex. Like, maybe I should just NOT WATCH the games. Many years ago when I was actually a Caps fan, there was a formula for them to win - if I had a ticket in hand, or one waiting at will call, and decided I didn't feel like going - it was a guaranteed win for the Caps. Maybe it's the same with the Thrash? If I don't watch, they play well. Because as we all know, it's all about me. Or you, and whatever your weird game-watching proclivities are.

That said...

Kovy hat trick in front of his daughter. Army and Crush making themselves right at home with Perrin, and in Atlanta. Thorburn, Holik, and Kovy playing together beautifully. Almost 60 full minutes of effort. And finally, a win for Kari - a confidence builder. This is a beautiful, beautiful thing to watch. I guess my plan to fail spectacularly won't be coming to fruition, at least not in this game. And hopefully not tomorrow, since I will be in attendance, watching from the Caps Suite, no less. Should I rock the Lehtonen jersey in the home team's private suite?? Am I that class-less? Possibly!

Onnea, Kärppä! Onnea, Thrashers! Keep on keepin' on, boys!

Pics tomorrow, and some time in the next couple days, an in-depth analysis of our FAs and their salaries and cap numbers.

Stats of goodness

Atlanta: 25
Calgary: 19

Atlanta: 32
Calgary: 32

Blocked Shots:
Atlanta: 12
Calgary: 6

Atlanta: 12
Calgary: 7

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