25 March 2008

Yada yada yada

Craig has an interesting article about Kari and the gasket he blew over on Thrashers Blog. The comments are also kind of interesting. You know, excluding Darren Eliot, I've heard or read anyone saying anything negative. If anything, on the whole people are kind of surprised he hasn't blown his top before this. And really, in the grand scheme of things, he didn't do all that much. It's just his usual stoicism has us conditioned. I mean, hello, two words for you: Ed. Belfour. Ooh, two more! Patrick. Roy. Oh oh, and Dominik! Hasek! It just that it's so unKarilike in context. If that makes sense.

Also? Here's how my hockey season is going: the one team I wanted to make playoffs doesn't have a chance in Hell, the other one I wanted after that is like, on the bubble and just lost Marc Savard to a midback/torso injury. Dude, seriously, when have you heard anything so specific in playoff hockey - which it may as well be here on out for a lot of teams. Did you SEE the Montreal game last night? Holy shit. I'm digressing, but I'll come back to this. Anyway, Marc Savard (do you think the team spokesman is related to Mark Chmura?)! Sigh. B's are in 8th right now. And hello, Caps hot on their heels. Plus Sabres, if they can ever get their shit together. Which also ties in nicely with "I'll come back to this," because look! I love this column! I love Bucci!

The best time of year
By John Buccigross
Special to ESPN.com

It's the best time of year, because all that matters is the winning. All day long you will think about your team's game tonight. You will wake up and wonder and imagine and act out, all the possibilities that will get your team to the finals. On the way to work, you think about the opponent. By lunch, you wonder if your goaltending will be good enough. On the way home, you wonder how your team is feeling. Are they confident? When the clock hits 6 p.m., your stomach is in a frenzy. The game is drawing near. With each passing minute the feeling in your stomach is growing more and more intense. Excitement. Anticipation. Nervousness. A bad batch of chicken quesadilla. Whatever it is, it makes you feel alive. This is the best time of the year. Spring has sprung. The weather is warm. The air is fresh. And the best sport in the world is about to embark on two months of mayhem to claim the coolest prize in sports. Welcome to the jungle.

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