03 March 2008

Yesterday's photos

Here's your depressing Thrashers stat of the day: The boys are 2-10-1 in the 2nd game of back-to-back games this season. There are 4 more back-to-backs remaining in the season.

Don Wright of the AP took these. I want Don Wright to be my new best friend. These are some of the best hockey photos I have seen all season. He must be Pittsburgh-based, shame we don't play there very much. Someone should entice this guy to come work for Blueland. All photos enlarge to 1024x768.

Flower! With white pads!

Ex and Bugsy fight for position.
Kari does his thing against Sykora, poking the puck away. Ladies and Gentlemen, please note your player of the game, Joel Kwiatkowski,
letting Sykora get all up in Kari's grill............... Great D, Kiwi.

Kozzy works it in Flower's 5-hole.

Little and Genya battling. Oh look, and Genya holding Little's stick. Was that a penalty?

The GWG. Letang pretty much has this one move. I know Kari's weak on the stick side, but did no one show him video of the Winter Classic? Did Colby not tell Kari this was Tang's move? Sssssigh.

Also if anyone reading this besides me cares...
Million dollar bonus goal! Or, you know, knowing the Sabres, five million bucks. But worth every penny for its sheer beauty and genius. He stole the puck from the middle of a scrum, peeled away from the other 9 guys on the ice heading for Hasek, and by the time anyone knew what he was doing and could follow, he'd put it in the net. GENIUS! And that is why Pommerdoodle is captain for the month of March!

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