19 May 2008


  • Finland beat Tre Kronor 4-0 to win Bronze in Worlds. Greatest news of the off season.
  • My beloved Pens have made the Stanley Cup Finals, 5 short years after drafting Flower, and 3 short years after drafting the Kid. Ray Shero, you're doing it right.
  • In addendum to the above, is someone keeping suicide watch in Army and Crush? Those poor, poor boys. Waddell better make it up to them by cutting the Thrashers' dead weight and bringing in some fresh faces. Some competent fresh faces, not just some yokels off the street. According to THN, we're looking for at least 2 top D-men.
That's pretty much all I've got. Let's go Pens!

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Rawhide said...

Amen, Maal...ya know, I was thinking of Army and Christensen yesterday...tsk, tsk.