20 June 2008

08 Entry Draft: Live blogging

I got pulled away, so here's all the picks. And WTF the Flyers traded Umberger?! To Colombus? Seriously are we gonna see Umberger and Malone together? Woooooooow.

7:53 - Commerciallllllllll
7:46 - #4 STL pick Alex Pietrangelo (D)
7:41 - TRADE: MTL's 25th pick and 2nd round 09 pick to Calgary for Alex Tanguay and Calgary's #138 pick
7:38 - #3 ATL pick ZACH BOGOSIAN (D)
7:37 - Why they gotta congratulate the Wings? Fuck the Wings.
7:36 - WADDELL'S UP!!!!!
7:27 - #2 LAK pick Drew Doughty (D)
7:22 - We're informed Stamkos is the first Macedonian #1 draft pick since Jovanoski
7:19 - #1 TBL pick Steve Stamkos (F)
7:18 - Feaster takes the stage for TBL
7:16 - TRADE: FLA trades Olli Jokinen (F) to PHX for Keith Ballard (D), Nick Boynton (D) and 49th pick
7:15 - It is about damned time. But now Bettman's gonna yap for 10 minutes, even through the boos.
7:13 - Stamkos interview #1
7:13 - Ducks trade down as part of a three-way deal that involved the Kings trading Mike Cammalleri to Calgary.
7:09 - First commercial, no picking action.
7:06 - Talking about the boy I want us to pick, Filatov.
7:00 - Trades and draft orders explained and analysed endlessly.
7:00 - NHL Network stops showing the draft. Because they're clearly insane. Switching to Versus.
6:59 - Eugene Melnyk talks too much and has hand gestures of a politician. Think Bob Dole.

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