26 June 2008

Newest UFAs

As of 7:00am EST, players not qualified by their teams by the NHL deadline, who have become UFA, or were released/waived by their current club. * indicates they are currently in the NHL. The remainder play in the AHL or lower.

Jason Bacashihua
* Brandon Bochenski
Jimmy Bonneau
Darcy Campbell
Chris Collins
Gerald Coleman
Daniel Dasilva
Marvin Degon
Guillaume Desbiens
Philippe Dupuis
Drew Fata
Dov Grumet-Morris
* Marcel Hossa
Jamie Hunt
Shane Hynes
Aaron Johnson
Petr Kanko
Logan Koopmans
Miroslav Kopriva
Janne Lahti
Francis Lemieux
Mitch Love
Garth Murray
Jordan Parise
Steve Regier
Brad Richardson
Dany Roussin
Nathan Saunders
* Jozef Stumpel
Adam Taylor
T.J. Trevelyan
* Darcy Tucker
Martin Tuma
John Vigilante
Michael Wall
Tyler Weiman
Stephen Werner


nebcanuck said...

The Lightning traded for exclusive rights to talk to Malone and Roberts over the weekend. That would be an interesting twist if they were to get both.

Along with their top two and Stamkos, that would give them a very solid core of forwards. Too bad they'd still not have a goalie! ;)

Big Shooter said...

They have Mike Smith!

Come on, who actually names their child Mike Smith?!?! Did his parents even try when they were naming him?

If he wants to split time or take a back up role, I think Olie Kolzig would be a nice fit in Tampa...

nebcanuck said...

Knew a guy one named David Davidson. That's pretty much as good as Mike Smith for thought process! :P

As for Olie, it'd be a return to the big-ticket 'tender that they had in Khabi. If he could find a zone again, it just could work. But that's a big if.

Still, they're probably one of the only teams asking for a goalie right now. Most teams have franchise guys they're trying to develop at the moment.