03 June 2008

o. m. f. g.

3 - 4

(3rd OT)

DETROIT – Counted out in many circles after falling behind 3-1 in the Stanley Cup Final, the Pittsburgh Penguins came off the ropes and got off the canvas time and again Monday night to stun the Detroit Red Wings in triple overtime, 4-3, winning Game 5 of the series and forcing a return trip to Pittsburgh for Game 6 Wednesday night.

The game was the fifth longest in Stanley Cup Final history, with overtime lasting 49:57 before Petr Sykora ended it. The longest overtime was 55:13, set on May 15, 1990 when Petr Klima scored to give the Edmonton Oilers a 3-2 win over Boston in Game 1.

Pens coach Michel Therrien said he never doubted his team for a second.


The Penguins were out-shot in the game 58-32 and there were many times when the Red Wings seemed to be just one small push away from toppling the visitors, but the Penguins wouldn't fall, thanks in large part to the play of goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, who was brilliant in goal.

"He was outstanding tonight," Therrien said of his goalie. "He was outstanding in overtime and both goalies obviously played really well. But no doubt Fleury, probably his most important win in his career."

Listen, kids. I have seen a lot of hockey in my life. I have seen a lot of playoff hockey. I have seen a lot of overtime playoff hockey. But this damned well might be the greatest overtime playoff hockey game I ever fucking saw. And I'd stick by that even if the Pens had lost. BUT THEY DIDN'T!!! Petr Sykora did his best Messier/Babe Ruth (depending on your generation) impression. Who else was watching leading up to the goal thinking, Sykora's on the ice... he called it... he said he'd pot it... will he.... HOLY SHIT HE DID!!!!


Game 6: 6/4/08 @ 8PM EST on NBC

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Mortimer Peacock said...

Couldn't agree more. That was the most exciting overtime I've ever witnessed, and I came close to spontaneous combustion when Sykora scored. Messier/Babe Ruth indeed.