30 July 2008

Bennigan's goes under...

How the hell is this hockey related, I'm sure you're asking. And now I shall tell you.

A few years about, in 03, 04, 05? One of those. A group of retired hockey players got together and decided to plan for their retirement. Which makes sense since they're retired. Anyway, one of the investment strategies was to buy Bennigan's restaurants. Buy/invest in. I want to say they were buying their own franchises. Which is good, because ONLY the franchised Bennigan's restaurants didn't close yesterday.

Here's the story on hockey players planning for retirement way after the fact.

And here's more about Bennigan's folding.

Moral of the story: Eat at Bennigan's and support hockey players.
Moral #2: There's no such thing as a safe investment

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