15 July 2008

Interesting news from Russia...

So I was reading up to see if Mac signed with Ufa yet, and apparently he has. He's hung up on getting a work visa to gain entry to Russia though. But what was interesting, and maybe I'm misunderstanding, but once all the kinks are worked out in the contract agreement, Mac can play there and Atlanta will receive a fee. I think. Maybe that's only for Radulov and Nashville though. Since Mac is UFA, I'm kind of doubting we see any coin, but if so, we'll hear about it. Also it says that if the agreement is reached, the players will make around $1.5m tax free, "instead of the humiliating $200 thousand, which the NHL pays to all Europeans."


Wait, what?

Last Name First Name Position Team
Radulov Alexander Right Wing Nashville Predators
McCarthy Steve Defence Atlanta Thrashers

KHL and NHL: Discussion Likely
Radulov flies to Ufa today

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