06 July 2008

Lehtonen did not file for arbitration

I have read the same thing over and over, OMG the Thrashers COULD file arbitration on Kari omgomg!

Here is the original text that the frenzy seems to have come from:

The top Group II’s who could have filed but didn’t:

Pascal Leclaire, Kari Lehtonen, RJ Umberger, Jarret Stoll, Dan Paille, Matt Stajan, Christian Ehrhoff

Those players are still eligible for Club-Elected Arbitration.

Unless Kari rejected the team's QO, which I would imagine we would have heard about by now, since other teams would have become eligible to have talks with him were that the case, I can't quite figure out how he qualifies for team arbitration. I will look into it some more, but I will say I hope to fuck they don't file on him. I've never seen a player go through arbitration, and come out of it to have a great year. Of course, I'll allow plenty of room to be wrong on that. However, given our fragile goalie's nature, as well as the absolute degradation that is involved in the arbitration hearing, IF the Thrash file, this could be disastrous.

Currently, we have $25m available under our cap. Don't be fucking cheap, Waddell. Give the goalie a nice contract, get some defencemen with NHL experience, and playoff experience, and good leadership skills, get Ilya a center, and stop making this team the laughingstock of the league. There's a reason Dan Boyle talked shit about the team, and there's a reason Soupy elected to sign with Chicago instead. Probably a handful of reasons, but chance that all those reasons tie into shitty management? At least 90% chance.

So... here's to hoping he doesn't fuck up something else. DON'T FILE ON LEHTS!

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