14 July 2008

Good bye, Wonder Twin #5 .... ?

Steve McCarthy signed/to sign a 2 year deal with Salavat Yulaev Ufa.

Full article from sport.gazeta.ru here.

Маккарти променял Ковальчука на Радулова

(McCarthy trades Kovalchuk for Radulov)

On JULY, 12TH, 11:18//Andrey Petuhov12 ИЮЛЯ, 11:18

Salavat Yulaev continues to remain the main beneficiary of NHL hockey players signing in the KHL. As one would expect, the reigning champions of Russia were not limited to the acquisition of Aleksander Radulov. After attacking Nashville, the Ufa club has strengthened their team with another hockey player from the NHL. 27-year-old Canadian defender Steve McCarthy, who played last season for Atlanta, is that player.
However, MULTIPLE other papers reported this morning that, Ufa has offered a 2 year contract, but McCarthy is yet to accept/sign. Very interesting. I can't find numbers on what they're paying him yet, but I also learned that Ufa directly violated the agreement the league came up with while meeting in Zurich, with their signing of Radulov. Sooooo.... Yeah I dunno. Damn it why didn't I get a job with this league when I had the chance?! OH RIGHT! Because Kari doesn't play there. Whoops! My bad!


robbie dee said...

change for the better? addition by subtraction? tit for tat?

Maali said...

If you mean Ilja... Russia got screwed. :-D

robbie dee said...

seriously, what's the deal with karibear? i can't imagine him not a thrasher 4 life.

Maali said...

The team made him a QO and he has until today to accept it, but hasn't. IDK what'll happen exactly if he does NOT accept by today, but I've a feeling they made him a shitty offer in comparison to, say, Huet, Fleury or Theodore.

However, Ben of Blueland says: He stays an RFA. He will be in the same situation Kovalchuk was in 2005 - an RFA without a contract.