08 July 2008

Today's round up

Jason Smith signs with the Ottawa Senators for 2 years. Amount undisclosed. EPIC FAIL!

St Louis signed Steve Bernier to a one year, $2.5m offer sheet. Vancouver has 7 days to match. You might remember Vancouver signed David Backes, also to an offer sheet, from St Louis. Should Vancouver not match the offer, they will get St Louis' 2nd round pick in '09. Well played, Blues.
ETA: Vancouver matched the Blues offer, and St Louis matched the Canucks offer on Backes. Checkmate. Brilliant move, JD. I am impressed. In a beautiful segue, Lowe, Burke, pay attention.

Gary Bettman instructed Brian Burke and Kevin Lowe to shut their pie holes. Because they're apparently still in high school and haven't learnt to pick their battles.

For those of you who obsessively use Google Image Search (GIS), they just re-indexed their data, and have crawled Blogger/Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr, and Daylife for inclusion. That means A LOT MORE, NEW-TO-YOU PHOTOS people! To wit:

Good stuff, eh? I would put this around mid to late summer 2007. And hey! You're famous!

Remaining unsigned FA goalies:
Scott Clemenson (RFA)
Ray Emery (UFA)
Erik Ersberg (UFA)
Johan Holmqvist (RFA)
Jimmy Howard (UFA)
Pascal LeClaire (UFA)
Kari Lehtonen (RFA)
Jocelyn Thibault (UFA)
Hannu Toivonen (RFA)

If anyone needs me, I'll be in a bottle of vodka.


nebcanuck said...

Canucks matched the offersheet, so I'm glad that Bernier's going to be back.

I'd complain that they're forcing us to dedicate more cap space to him than we otherwise would, except with the departures of Nazzy and Morrison, we have no money being used up anyways! Woot! Go 'nucks!

(we're shooting for Tavares, btw)

Maali said...

Yes they did! Wow. I like this chess-match between the Nucks and the Lou.

Oooh, tanking. Nice. I admire a team that loses with gusto.

[edited for stupidity.]

Laura said...

Leclaire's a UFA? No Smurfie back next year with the CBJ? Say it ain't so.

He has a better chance of being re-signed than Toivonen. I heard that he was going back to Finland where he can ruin some other team's hopes and dreams.

Can't believe the Thrash haven't signed Kari yet...