28 August 2008

Welcome to the family, Bogo

Word is, Bogosian will be signed by 9/13 - in time for the rooks to head up to Traverse City. This is amazingly good news, as our D is weaker than my 13 year old nephew's excuses for why he can't do anything himself. Also great news is that signing Bogo will put the team over the payroll min of 40.7m. It kind of appalls me that the team was sort of struggling to hit the minimum. Not that I think we should be overpaying our players, but you know, small bit of effort to get a couple big name players (or, you know, one?) with big name salaries. I dunno. We don't want to be the Rangers or Bolts, but does the team have what it takes to be the 02-03 Wild? Dunno. Guess we'll see?

43 days til puck drop.

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