27 August 2008

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

For two years now, I have been getting this alert. Every day, sometimes twice a day, from different "blogs." Seriously dude, if you're gonna try to scam someone? Switch it up a little. Get with the times, I mean my god.

Google Blogs Alert for: "kari lehtonen"

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By AaronsJuergens(AaronsJuergens)
They signed Mike Dunham to mentor talented youngster Kari Lehtonen, and brought in Bobby Holik to add even more firepower. They might be a year away, but it may be worth it to take a $10 or $20 flier on them. ...
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.... I didn't click that link. I suggest you don't either. Kari should SUE! As should Dunham and Holik. But hey at least Dunham's still getting mentioned! He is still relevant in the world of fake viagra scams!

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