28 September 2008

The more things change.... (Now with more pics)

The more they don't really change at all. Two shots up until the 3rd period? Really?

ATL Stats:
SOG: 14
MS: 12
A/B: 5
BS: 12
H: 16
FOP: 53%
DET Stats:
SOG: 38
MS: 14
A/B: 14
BS: 5
H: 8
FOP: 47

Um... No.

Blah blah blah, it's pre-season, it doesn't matter, rosters aren't even set. Right. I get that. I preach that. You're not preaching to the choir, you're preaching to the preacher. HOWEVER (howevers are never really good, are they?) that sucked ASS. I don't want to hear "Stanley Cup Champions" either, because we beat them in January. Pretty much the same damned team, except Conkblock was in net, not Ozzy.

I will keep reminding myself that it's just pre-season, it's just pre-season, it's just pre-season. And hope it isn't a harbinger of DOOM.

OTOH, I give Jordan LaVallee 1st star of the game: 3 shots, 1 hit, 2 takeaways, 2 blocked shots. That's hustle.

More photos!
1-4: US Presswire


I'll be doing another post with more photos shortly. So... come back later!


nebcanuck said...

Tavares! :D

Maali said...

For about two seconds I thought you had tourettes ;)