25 October 2008

An evening of FAIL

This dovetails nicely with the smoke/stink-bomb being tossed on the ice in OT at the Philly/Devs game...

TORONTO/BOSTON (October 25, 2008) – The Boston Bruins and National Hockey League announced a change in game format for their game tonight against the Atlanta Thrashers at TD Banknorth Garden.

The third period in tonight’s game will be split, with the team’s switching ends at the first stoppage in play after the 10-minute mark of the period. The Bruins and Thrashers will begin the third period in the same ends that they finished the second period. Following the first stoppage after the 10-minute mark of the third period, the teams will switch ends, and the face-off will take place on the opposite side of where play ended.

The change in format is occurring due to incorrect markings on the West End (visitors bench side) of the TD Banknorth Garden ice. In the West End, the two face-off dots are 24 feet from the goal line – four feet longer than NHL specifications. The corresponding face-off circles are also four feet further away from the goal line.

The ice sheet will be replaced prior to the Bruins next game on Saturday, Nov. 1.
Um. OK then? Well played, Boston! Has that been their secret weapon? Is this the start of Bruinsgate? Maybe if they'd won the Cup last season. But no. It went to the dirty Wings. If it goes to a shootout, do the goalies get to pick their net? What about OT? Vexing.

I'm super glad to see Rease on the ice, OK in the bin, after taking that puck to the knee. Also I hope he is not sucking it up and playing hurt because while yes, we need those points in October, we also REALLY need those points in March and April and I think Slava is a good illustration of why a guy should sit an injury out in the fall.

How come the team always plays a little better in front of Moose, and how come Moose always plays in Boston? But not Pittsburgh? Or Dallas? Dallas isn't Team Finland anymore so Kari has no special advantage, although really I think Antti Miettienen and Sean Bergenheim and every other Finn that can score on him in a Helsinki second have proved that playing him against the Finns is also a disadvantage.

Also, yet another random aside? I think they should have a 4pm, 7pm and 10pm game (ES/DT) every Saturday. They all flow one into another perfectly. Or, I mean if we're talking PERFECTION? 1, 4, 7 and 10. I am totally down for 12 hours of hockey. I'll add that to my platform when I run for President next time around. Be sure to vote for me!

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