26 October 2008

OMG you guys! Also, the I Love Lucic Show

 OK so like, I have some photos and stuff, but before that, the important things! A perennial favourite of the laaaaaadies at FWH, Graham Mink (of the Caps/Hershey Bears) has a blog! His posts that aren't totally hockey-centric are pretty funny! You should read him, even though he's not a Thrash or Wolf. He has a tenuous Thrasher connection though! Also a UVM Hockey alum, like Eric Perrin! And we'll just leave it of that. You know, speaking of Wolves a few seconds ago, remember that? Do any of the Wolves have blogs? Someone show Pony how to blog b/c I bet he's kind of hilarious. Or LaVallee.

And since we're speaking of blogs you should be reading but aren't, my cousin is living in France and working for the European Parliment. She blogs about it and it's pretty fascinating. Also I hate her - because what a life THE BITCH IS GOING TO AFRICA IN THE SPRING OKAY? DO YOU SEE ME SEETHING WITH JEALOUSY HERE?! - but I'll get over it, I'm quite sure. Please to be reading her!

Anyway, moving on. What you actually came here for, I'm quite sure. Onto photos from The I Love Lucic Show:


As some of you may or may not know, I also love me some Bruins. So this was yet another win/win game for me. What I did not expect was the I Love Lucic show. And before you ask, no. I have no idea why there are no photos of the Thrashers goals. It's not like there were only 1 or 2, you know? Thanks for dropping the ball on fair and non partisan reporting, AP and Reuters!

Lucic-love and a dejected glide by Moose

Yelle smooshes Kozzie while in pursuit

Krejci and Ward knock the puck down for Manny

Lucic-love with Savvy, Moose just dejected

Kozzie goes airborn


The photographer is the best part of this photo

Kovy and Hnidy. Boston = ATL north?

Yet another goal by Luuuuu

Lucic hatty!

Savvy clearly holding Tobi.

Colby grinding

I'm bummed there's no photo of either the CHARASMASH on Colby, or the ensuing goal he created. Best goal of the year so far, IMO. Well that one or Kovy's. Not sure which, b/c Kovy's was pretty damned impressive. They're those once-a-season goals. I was expecting the puck to bounce off the glass and roll down a goalie's back at some point, to be honest.

Also I'm a little bit dismayed that there's no points awarded for effort, because the boys have been playing their little hearts out for those 30, 40, maybe even 50 minutes a game that they've been playing. I mean the Detroit game was a lot closer than the score would indicate, and this game was amazingly tight. I'm also a little pissed that the Thrash didn't just keep the puck for the last two minutes, just play the trap so they could go into OT and get that point. It's a controversial play, akin to not going for the 2 pt conversion over the kick. But right now, one point would've been pretty sweet, no?

Flyers on Tuesday. There was a surprising amount of hockey  breaking out at the Flyers/Devils fight yesterday afternoon. And for the second night in a row, the Flyers came away with the W. This is not a team we can take lightly, because if they don't clearly dominate the game, they'll probably try to kill our players. I for one welcome the return of the Broad Street Bullies, at least for entertainment purposes, but I hope to Orr we've got more fighters than Ex and Thorby. Also, nationally televised! I really really want to see Kari v Marty B in this one. Not just b/c Kari can't seem to beat Niitty, but also I think it'd be a really good goaltender battle. Someone make that happen. Ken Stevens, I'm looking at you.

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