01 October 2008

Precedent set! Moose for Captain!

In a boldly surprising move that made me almost want to go check the revised CBA to see if the rule had been changed, goaltender Roberto Luongo has been named captain of the 08-09 Vancouver Canucks. However, the C will not be on his jersey.

Seeing that the 'Nucks have gone out on a limb and set a modern precedent for goalies to be captains, I hereby nominate Johan "Moose" Hedberg as the captain of the Atlanta Thrashers. I don't think there's one guy in that room that commands more respect or affection than Moose, and his maturity and experience provide the necessary skillset to be an effective captain.

Here's the deets:

"We might be a little outside of box here (naming Luongo captain), but there's only two things that, as captain, Roberto can't do and that's wear the 'C' on his jersey or take faceoffs," Vigneault said.
By League rules, Luongo cannot wear the 'C,' but he can be named captain. Mitchell will deal with officials on a nightly basis and as the longest-serving Canuck. Ohlund, who is entering his 11th NHL season, will deal with any ceremonial aspects of the position such as faceoffs.

The 29-year-old Luongo, however, will be the voice of reason in the dressing room and, perhaps, during critical moments of each game.
If ANY of the players on our team should serve as a voice of reason in the room and during critical parts of the game, it's Moose.

Vote Moose for Captain!

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