08 October 2008

Today's edition of He said/He said

Thrashers, goalie still at impasse over demotion

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ondrej Pavelec’s agent said Tuesday night the Thrashers prospect’s status remained in limbo. Thrashers general manager Don Waddell said he believed that limbo wouldn’t last for long.

Pavelec has refused to report to the Thrashers’ minor-league affiliate in Chicago, and agent Allan Walsh has accused Waddell of breaking his word.

“We’re in discussions with the Thrashers and with Ondrej about his future,” agent Allan Walsh said, adding that he could say nothing further.

“I fully expect Ondrej to be a Chicago Wolf,” Waddell said Tuesday night. “There’s no reason for me to think he won’t report. We’ve had great conversations [with Pavelec].”

Waddell added that he expects Pavelec to one day be back with the Thrashers, perhaps soon. He also said the Thrashers tell every player they send to Chicago that they’re free to take a few days to report.

Pavelec, 21, was in net for the team’s only exhibition victory, but he also allowed four goals in the third period of Friday night’s loss to Nashville.

When asked after the victory what he thought of his chances to make the team, Pavelec replied, “It’s a question for Coach, I think. [Thrashers goalies Kari Lehtonen and Johan Hedberg] both have contracts. I’ll try and do my best, and we’ll see.”

But his agent told Sporting News Today this weekend that the Thrashers hadn’t given Pavelec a fair shot.

[Deletia: all the same shit we've seen in every article]

Waddell said the organization is treating Pavelec right by giving him a chance to play regularly rather than spending most nights watching Lehtonen in net.

He and Kari are both starting goalies,” Waddell said. “You can’t have two starting goalies on a team. It doesn’t make sense. He’s 21. He needs to play.”
Basically what D-wad is saying between the lines is that Karppa's just got the one year contract, at the end of it, we'll move him, we'll bring Ondrej in to be the backup and we've still got Moose here to mentor. So how do we handle this now? Because I think Pavelec's agent's bottom line is,  Ondrej is NOT going to the AHL. Did I understand that right? That's what you got out of it yes? Now the question is - is it ONDREJ that doesn't want to go to the AHL, or is it ONDREJ'S AGENT that doesn't want him to go? If the answer is the latter, he needs to fire said agent, post-haste, and hook himself up with one that just a, a....  shred more decency who is capable of worrying about his PLAYERS and not about THE KWON.

So what do we do? Easy.

Trade one.

Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to put together a little poll here.
Which goalie do we trade.
Where do we trade him.
Who do we get in return?

Please respond in comment - anonymous is totally cool - and we'll see what we the fans, the money-paying fans, think.

Aaaaaaaaaand......... GO!


Andrew said...

Trade Pavlec and a good prospect/draft pick to get a top 6 winger with a few years in contract. I know there was a rumor flying around that cheechoo was on the market to be traded. Someone of that Calibur will be a huge breakthrough for this franchise.

nebcanuck said...

If the attitude is that you trade one of the starters, as Waddell is suggesting, then I guess you move Pavlec. Why? Because he's not ready to play NHL yet, and you need a goalie for the now.

If Lehtonen is unable to keep up his standard of play this season, or gets injured badly, that's something you deal with. But you don't get rid of your starting goaltender for a 21-year old with the hopes that you'll get a better future out of him. Especially if you're Atlanta, which may not have much of a future in hockey to begin with, regardless of netminders!

Mortimer Peacock said...

Trade Pavelec to Detroit for Filpulla. Or to Ottawa for Vermette. Or to L.A. for Patrick O'Sullivan or Alex Frolov.

I'm not sure if Pavs would be enough for Cheechoo, but if it twere possible, send the kid to San Jose.