03 November 2008

Army to solve the economic crisis, this Thursday!

Only sadly, not. But he will be on CNN, in a short feature. Here, Ben summed it all up:
The feature is part of CNN's Road Warriors series and will air this Thursday, Nov. 6. It's short but I promise it'll be good. The story will air on CNN between 6-7am and on Headline News between 6:30-7am, 8:30-9am, 1-1:30pm, and 3:30-4pm. It isn't a full 30 min show, but those are the 30 minute windows it will air in. If you miss it or can't record it don't worry- it'll live on the Road Warriors site for six months. Colby being Colby, you can expected it to be a light-hearted look at the road life of an NHL player.
And if you're really damned lazy, I will just dig it up and repost it, or burn it to dvd and upload it to YouTube.

I still think Colby's take on the US Economy and politics would be a helluva lot funnier.... Just sayin.

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