08 November 2008

I ♥ Bobby Taylor!

Dude! DUDE! Are you watching the Philly Tampa game? I know, I know - why?! Well for one, Danny Briere's back from STOMACH SURGERY two weeks after the surgery. Now listen, I had back surgery and was up and walking 4 hours later and demanding to go home but two weeks later, I sure as shit wasn't throwing checks at 15mph against guys who are 200 pounds. And also! Also because if you're NOT watching, you're missing the greatest broadcaster in the recent history of hockey. Bobby Taylor!

Frankly, it's less what he says, and as a colour guy, I gotta be honest, he's a little boring and dry. But it's his AMAZING TELESTRATING that has made me fall in love. LOVE I SAY! I'm really really hoping Sun Sports shows a replay of this game so I can burn it, and then I will put his telestrations on the YouTubes. But he shows you move by move EXACTLY how a play went down, and why it was good or why it was bad, and he's no nonsense (mostly), and you can actually get a full and complete understanding of how a play developed. Dude it's like crib notes to hockey zen.

Also noteworthy: Tampa is now official DC south - Halpern, Kolzig, Eminger, all now Bolts. There's a delicious irony in this, MJ, am I right?!

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