07 November 2008

Moose gets the start, will he get the W?

At least that's the word on the street. The metaphorical street, of course, since I am in neither Buffalo nor Atlanta. But luckily Knobler is on one or the other, and before braving the beef on weck, he offered this little nugget:

Johan Hedberg is slated to start in net tonight for the Thrashers against Buffalo. Ondrej Pavelec is 2-0 as a starter, but he played last night, and Thrashers coach John Anderson decided to stick with his plans and use a rested goaltender. Kari Lehtonen is here, too, and told me he felt great during today’s skate, but Hedberg and Pavelec were the guys in net.
Listen, everyone is going to form their own opinions on this whole 3 goalies thing. And I'm sure I'm not the only one remembering last season's situation with the Caps, and Huet, Kolzig and Johnson. And I'm also sure I am not the only one wondering which goalie is being showcased, or being rested in order to avoid injury.

And for the love of god, are we EVER going to name a captain?

Editorial note: Tonight is another win-win game for this blogger, so I apologize in advance for any squeeing I may be doing later over the Sabres. 

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