02 November 2008

Thumbs up, X!

From Nobler: 

Defenseman Garnet Exelby had a lot more to say.

“What has to happen at this point is everybody has to go home and dust off their shiny little mirror and take a look at themselves, because I don’t think everyone in this [locker] room is toeing the line,” Exelby said. “It’s up to the rest of us to hold everybody on this team accountable, because when you have a guy like Johan Hedberg in net, who arguably is the best man that I’ve ever met in professional sports, and you come out and play like that in front of him, when he only gets to play one game every 10 games, I think it’s embarrassing. It makes me sick to my stomach to think our team came out that way for this guy."

You guys, you know what makes me sick to MY stomach? Is how they play that way, pretty much every game. But it's super cool of X to admit to the press that the team steps it up for Hedberg. I know more than a handful of people who've wondered that for a while. I'm sure Moose loves all that work he gets in his 1 game in 10, might as well cram as much in as possible, eh?

Oh oh, also I wanted to point out that last night, the team really stepped it up in front of Pavelec. Do you think it's because last time he played in the blue sweater, he got lit up for 4 goals in one period and faced 15 shots. Not counting the shots he deflected or banged down that wouldn't've qualified as SOG. Then he/his agent blew up and he almost went to Russia. Remember that? Yeah. Do you think last night's 3rd was a Pavelecian response.

Jos olet kiinnostunut liiku, Suomen pääkaupunki tarvitsee maalivahti. Ne on erinomainen puolustaja, ja monet tähteä. ja se ei ole paljon, että jääkiekko kaupungissa, aivan kuten Atlanta. Ja on monia hupi seuroja ja puolueita! Se on vain ajatus.


Thrashers Recaps said...

Thanks, I am new to blogging and pretty new to hockey altogether. Those are really nice pictures of the games you posted.

Maali said...

well thank you! and welcome!! feel free to ask any questions about the game and stuff :) i'll be putting more pictures up shortly. i'm pretty much the photo blog for the thrash!