12 November 2008

Victory song download

Knobler's got a great article up about how Jason Williams of all people brought Basshunter's Russian Privjet to the dressing room, and how it has become the team's victory song. And I'm sure this will come as a huge shock, but I love Russian techno. This isn't really Russian techno (Basshunter's a Swede), but it's pretty damned close. And trivia on the song: Privjet is how you say hi in Russian. Well, privyet, or privet, depending on your location and dialect.

If you want to DL the song, I believe you can do so right here. It'll cost you 99¢ but dude, 4:07 of pure energy. You can play it on the way home from games, and in your house, when the Thrash win!

If you get dropped onto the full album page, the song is Track 5: Russian Privjet.

Rock on! 

(Thx anonymous! :))

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Anonymous said...

hey its actually basshunter not bassmaster just thought id correct you.
k thx bai