05 November 2008

Wait, so no more catchy Pony headlines?

ben_wright: Kari Lehtonen skated today on his own and will take the morning skate tomorrow. Playing tomorrow night is a possibility.

!!! OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS !!! Am I the only one who read that and at first imagined Kari skating around with one of those little frame things they give kids when they first start skating? Also? And listen, I can't be the first person wondering this (although, probably the only one with such an interest), but is Kari SICK, or do we have another potential groin strain, what with the whole "NO INJURY DISCLOSURE" policy the NHL's adopted? I'm just askin's all.

Oh, also a little bit more from Ben!

Here is the update on Kari Lehtonen, straight from the mouth of John Anderson today after practice.

"He got sick the other day and then his back stiffened up on him. He's day-to-day. We expect a full practice from him tomorrow and we'll make decisions after I see him skate full bore."

As for Ondrej Pavelec, who earned the win on Sunday against Florida, Anderson said, "We're very happy with how he played and I hope it continues."
I hope all of you who can vote did vote. Whether your candidate won or lost, we made history yesterday. That's pretty cool.


Thrashers Recaps said...

I tried to add your blog to my bloglist but when I do it does not go to your blog when I click on it, do you know whats wrong?

Maali said...

hmmmmm. i don't know! that's interesting. i noticed that same issue on my best friend's blog too. :( i think that little feed reader kind of hates me.